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Bluetooth Manager ICS

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The great tool "Bluetooth Manager" now for ICSnote: To route music to a mono headset use any media player Besides the android default "media player".
Great free simple tool to manage your remote bluetooth devices and to play music to any audio bluetooth device (mono headset , mono handsfree).Supports all bulid in bluetooth settings functionality and far more.
Play music to mono devices: Listen to music on mono headset or on a car handsfree. You just need to connect the device via the manager and enabledisable the audio feature checkbox.
Manage remote bluetooth devices: - Display a list view contains all the pairing devices. - Scan for new devices. - Pair new device. - Set your own description to each device. - ConnectDisconnect from device. - Display connection state of each device. - Send sound notification when device was connected. - Delete device from your phone. - Clear all unpair devices.
Filter by device type: - Audio_Video. - Phones. - Computers. - Networking. - Imaging. - Misc.
Auto sorting: - Sort devices by type. - Sort by last connected and by connections history for each type.
Manage your local bluetooth device: - Edit your local device name. - Discover your device to others.
Menu Features: - Shortcut to phone dial screen. - Shortcut to phone bluetooth settings screen. - Share appliction market link to others. - Exit the program. - Disable bluetooth and exit the program.